Young Heroes

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The Hero Gene – Who are your Heroes?

Childhood Heroes My first hero was Astro Boy, an android with human emotions who fought evil and injustice in a 1960s anime series. Another anime Sci-Fi series soon caught my attention – Prince Planet became my number one hero. He came from Planet Radion and adopted the disguise of a human boy named Bobby. His […]
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Community Leaders

Flames ravage forests and towns. On social media I’ve just watched a video of someone felling a tree at the edge of a lake, clearing a path for a 4WD convoy to drive into the shallows and escape an inferno. Next, I see a post from Dave, an old friend who has evacuated his family […]
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Can students save Earth’s climate?

  Five years back at a climate protest in Coffs Harbour, there were a few young people about, but I was one of the younger protesters. For a guy that had just turned 50, I thought that was really significant. My kids came along and there was a sprinkling of younger people, teens, and toddlers […]
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Be a game changer with me

  Sollie Raphael –Leader 100% – Warrior 85% – Healer 90%  –SUPERPOWER: Spellbinding Performer  –FAVOURITE Children’s/Young Adult Book(s): Dr Seus  –FEAR: Not writing     At 12, Solli became the youngest ever winner of the Australian Poetry Slam. His first book, Limelight, was published by Random House.  Over 3 million viewer’s watched him perform at […]
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